What is an embed?

Imagine you own a website or a blog and you want to include some audio content. Maybe you just want to add an audio file to a document, e.g. in Notion. That's where an "embed" comes in. An embed is a piece of code (called an iframe) that you can copy and paste into your website, blog or document. A Whyp embed will display a custom audio player that can be used to play, pause and seek your audio file. The embed can also be clicked to open the track on Whyp.

Below is an example of a Whyp embed. This is a screenshot as embeds are not currently supported here.

Creating an embed (iframe)

You can find the embed code for any track in the track share window.

  1. Click the button to open the share window

  1. Click the "Embed" tab in the window

  2. Copy your embed code by clicking the Link icon next to the iframe code

  1. Paste the embed code into your website, blog or document

And that's it - you should now see the Whyp embed of your track!

Customising your embed

Embed customisation is only available to Whyp Pro users.

Please view our pricing page to upgrade.

Whyp track embeds can be customised with a variety of options. These options are explorable for all users and guests, so instead of explaining them all here, we urge you to have a play yourself and see if they fit your needs. You can do this from the share window of any track.

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