Changing the comments setting on a track

You may change the comments setting on a track from the track edit drawer.

You can set a default comments setting which will be applied to all future uploads in your settings

Available comments setting options

Users (default)

This allows Whyp users to comment on your track.


This allows guests (users who do not have a Whyp account) to comment on your track. Beware that guest comments are anonymous, and are therefore more likely to contain spam or unwanted content.

You might decide to enable this setting if you are sharing your track on an external platform or to a group of friends and would like them to be able to comment.

Only me

This prevents users and guests from commenting on your track. You will still be able to comment and your comments will still be visible to those viewing your track.

This might be useful if you want to share your track or only wish to use the comments for internal feedback, notes etc.

Disabling comments on a track

To disable comments, you can set the comments setting to "Only me". This will display a message to other users explaining that comments have been disabled.

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